1938The worst recorded hurricane in history hit New England.Events & Anniversaries, Natural Disasters

Gloucester Daily Times. “Cape Ripped by Wild Hurricane; Property Loss Will Be Enormous.” September 22, 1938, Vol. 73 No. 15935 edition. https://sawyer.advantage-preservation.com/.
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The Great Hurricane of 1938 (hurricanes were not named until 1950), landed on September 21 and was one of the most destructive and powerful hurricanes in recorded history. It had recorded sustained winds of 121 mph with gusts up to 186 mph. Storm surge was 17 feet above normal high tide, with a peak wave height of 50 feet that hit Gloucester. Across New England, there were 700 deaths credited to this storm, and 63,000 were left homeless. Additionally, 8,900 buildings, 3,300 boats, and 2 billion trees were destroyed.

Many trees on the side of Mt. Ann were overturned, the Baptist Chruch steeple was damaged and torn down, and city property was damaged.

US Department of Commerce, NOAA. The Great New England Hurricane of 1938. https://www.weather.gov/okx/1938HurricaneHome.
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