1704-1705Watch houses were built on Elwell’s Neck on Hodgkin Cove and Watch House Neck in what is now known as Fort Square.People and Communities, Government and Public Service, Military, Indigenous People's History

Gloucester Selectmen’s Records, 1699-1721. 1721, p. 28.
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Gloucester Selectmen’s Records, 1699-1721. 1721, p. 28.

Edward Harradon was paid for building a watch house on Elwell’s Neck near Hodgkin Cove. Thomas Sawyer, who resided near the watch house located in Fort Square, was employed to repair the building and furnish wood for the watch. As speculated by historian John Babson, the watches were likely established in response to conflicts in the earlier French and Indian Wars, and also the landing of a few pirates who escaped from the Charles, commanded by pirate John Quelch, when it was apprehended in Marblehead. Quelch was tried for piracy in Boston and hung in 1704.

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Gloucester Selectmen's Records, 1699-1721, p. 25.
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