1752A second meeting house was built on the Green.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Location and Setting, Buildings & Architecture, Religion

Gloucester Town Records, 1694-1762. Vol. 2, 1762, p. 234 https://archive.org/details/GLOOriginalRecords16941762Images/page/n255/mode/2up?view=theater
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At a meeting in March, the town voted to ” relinquish their claim in r to the old Meeting House on condition that the Town have liberty to do the Town’s Business in the new Meeting House that shall be built in the Parish where afsaid old House stands in the same manner that they used to do it in the said Old Meeting House.” (Town Records, 234)

This building would also be used as a church by the newly established Fourth Parish. The Green gradually lost its place as the center of town over the next few decades, as the harbor area became more active, and the number of parishioners diminished after the Revolutionary War. The building was torn down in 1840.

Gloucester Town Records, 1694-1762. Vol. 2, 1762, https://archive.org/details/GLOOriginalRecords16941762Images/mode/2up
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