1642Fore or Front St. (now Main Street) was laid out as the first public highway.Economy and Industry, Government and Public Service, Infrastructure, Transportation

Town Records, Book 1, 1642-1715, pg. 3
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Town Records, Book 1, 1642-1715, pg. 3

“It is ordered that the highwaie should be laide out through the lots of Mr. Fryer, Walter Tybbott and Hugh Calkin, who shall have consideration out of Henry Felch, his six acres of hoed ground, for that which the town takes from them, the town giving Henry Felch such satisfaction for his labors as is thought fit by four men as are chosen to see his labor.”

Gloucester Town Records, 1642-1715. Vol. 1, 1715, https://archive.org/details/GLOTownRecords16921715Images
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