1658Masconomet, the sagamore of the Agawam, died and was buried with his gun, tomahawk, and other personal items on Sagamore Hill in Hamilton.People and Communities, Indigenous People's History, Notable People

After his death, the area of northern Middlesex and Essex counties was divided among the surviving descendants of Masconomet, Nanepashemet, and Passaconaway. Just one year later, a young man named Robert Cross dug up Masconomet’s remains and paraded his skull on a pole through the streets of Ipswich. Cross was later imprisoned and fined for this act and made to rebury the body. A stone was inscribed to mark the grave in 1910 and a memorial service was held in 1971. In 1993 Masconomet was given a traditional ceremony for bringing the spirit of a deceased person to rest. Masconomet’s wife and unknown others are also buried at the site. Today this grave site is protected by Indigenous tradition keepers and the Essex County Greenbelt Association.

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