2009Municipal Resources Inc. released a report on the Lorraine Apartments fireEvents & Anniversaries, Government and Public Service, Fires, City Government

The $10,000 report, commissioned by Mayor Carolyn Kirk, found a systemic lack of command and control of the firefighting effort during the blaze. “The department was unprepared to battle a fire of this size,” the report concluded. “Personnel had not been sufficiently trained, and pre-planning and inspections were not routinely done.” Fire Chief Barry McKay announced his retirement in the wake of the critical report. The city building inspector Bill Sanborn estimated the building was “more than three years overdue for a safety inspection,” and hadn’t had an occupancy permit since at least 1998.
The report was also critical of the owners of the building. They did not respond to a 2006 city notice that an egress from the basement was not operating properly; it was unknown if the battery-powered smoke detectors were interconnected or if the building had hard-wired interconnected smoke detectors in the hallways; and the consultants wrote, “the lack of protected vertical openings – stairwells, light shafts, pipe chases – and means of egress issues – for example, (victim Robert Taylor’s) third-floor apartment – created an imminent hazard to building occupants that should have been corrected.”

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