1606Samuel de Champlain landed at Gloucester Harbor in September and gave it the name “Le Beauport.”People and Communities, European Colonists, Indigenous People's History

Cape Ann Museum. “Native Americans of Cape Ann.” http://www.capeannmuseum.org/native-americans-cape-ann/.
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Champlain and his lieutenant Sieur de Poutrincourt landed in the harbor that Champlain had spotted on his previous voyage. In his account, Champlain describes finding a settlement of 200 Pawtucket inhabitants, who were cultivating corn, beans, melons, pumpkins, tobacco, and grapes. Champlain drew a map of the area, printed in the 1870 account of his travels, that showed Pawtucket wigwams and gardens along the harbor. Champlain writes of his encounters with the Pawtucket, and describes them as welcoming at first; however, Champlain became suspicious that the Pawtucket were planning an ambush and left the harbor after eight days.

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