1873The City of Gloucester was incorporated.Government and Public Service, City Government

City Charter of Gloucester, 1873. Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, D 09, FF 02
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The city charter was approved during a special town meeting.

The discussion for a petition for a city charter started two years earlier in 1871, when an article was inserted in the annual warrant and it was voted for approval 261 to 82. Afterward, a committee was formed to draw up the city charter and present it to the legislature. The town voted several more times on the legality of the charter until February 20, 1873, when the vote was 394 to 48 in favor of putting it forth to the legislature to accept, which they did. The town voted again on May 15, 1873.

Later, the city was subdivided into eight wards. The government consisted of a mayor, eight aldermen (one from each ward), and twenty-four common councilmen (three from each ward), to be elected annually.

Gloucester City Archives, CC146 Gloucester City Archives, Town Records 1868-1873, Book 10.
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