1878The first visitor to arrive by bicycle came to Gloucester.Government and Public Service, Location and Setting, Transportation, Tourism

Nellie H. Kimball, the photographer’s sister, with her bicycle, at the family home at 25 Revere Street, c. 1900. George E. Kimball, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 15363
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According to John Webber in his book In and Around Cape Ann, “The writer well remembers the curious crowd of lookers-on that surrounded the pioneer wheelman as the dismount was made on the main thoroughfare of the town; even now the many questions and exclamations of the wonder-struck populace can be recalled to mind, as they gazed with mouth agape upon the slender two-wheeled team. The rider cape from Cambridge, Mass., and made the trip in three and a quarter hours; the machine was a 54-inch English make affair, and was a heavy, clumsy-looking wheel in comparison with the beautiful models of today.” (Webber, 88)

Webber, John S. In and around Cape Ann: A Hand-Book of Gloucester, Mass., and Its Immediate Vicinity : For the Wheelman Tourist and the Summer Visitor. Printed at the Cape Ann Advertiser office, 1885.
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