1866The General Benjamin F. Butler House (also referred to as the Ames Estate), was built in Bay View.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Location and Setting, Buildings & Architecture, Notable People

Alfred J. Wiggin, Portrait of General Benjamin F. Butler, 1869, Oil on canvas, Gift of the Gloucester Daily Times, Cape Ann Museum, 1952, http://www.capeannmuseum.org//collections/objects/portrait-general-benjamin-f-butler/
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This was the summer house of the Civil War General Benjamin F. Butler. General Benjamin Butler was elected to Congress in 1866. As a Congressman and Chairman of the House Committee on Reconstruction, he authored the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 and co-authored, along with Senator Charles Sumner, the Civil Rights Act of 1875. He was elected Democratic governor of Massachusetts in 1882.

After his death, the house passed to his daughter, Blanche Butler Ames, and her husband Adelbert Ames, who was also a Civil War General, a Senator, and the Governor of Mississippi during Reconstruction. After her husband’s death, Blanche compiled a collection of their letters and published the book Chronicles from the Nineteenth Century: Family Letters of Blanche Butler and Adelbert Ames. She also wrote a detailed account of her family’s ancestry

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James Wallace Black, Gen. Benjamin Franklin Butler, c. 1874, 1 photograph, print on card, Carte de Visite Collection, Boston Public Library, https://ark.digitalcommonwealth.org/ark:/50959/44558m25k
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