1869The new Town Hall that was dedicated only two years earlier was destroyed by a fire.Arts and Culture, Government and Public Service, Location and Setting, Buildings & Architecture, City Government

“Burned ruins of first Town Hall on Dave Ave. Burned 5-16-1869,” 1869. Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 14770
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On May 16, the recently erected Town Hall burned. The cost of the building was about $79,000 with an additional $10,000 in fixtures and furnishing. It was insured for $40,000. The town voted to add $50,000 in order to build a new Town Hall.

In 1870, Samuel E. Sawyer presented the citizens with a bell, which weighed 4400 pounds, and a clock for the new Town Hall.

Pringle, James R. History of the Town and City of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Published by the City of Gloucester Archives Committee and the Ten Pound Island Book Co., 1997.
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