1926The Schooner Adventure was built in the James Shipyard in Essex for Captain Jeff Thomas.Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry

Adventure at D. B. Smith Wharf, September 1926. Gordon Thomas, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 18332
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The Adventure was designed by the famous marine architect Thomas McManus. Carrying a sailing rig, diesel engine, and 14 dories, Adventure was an exceptionally fast and able vessel. Schooner Adventure was a “highliner,” the biggest moneymaker of all time, landing nearly $4 million worth of cod and halibut during its fishing career. When retired in 1953, Schooner Adventure was the last American dory fishing trawler left in the Atlantic. It was converted into a windjammer for passenger cruising, removing the engine. In 1988, Captain Jim Sharp, who had owned Adventure since 1965, donated the vessel to the people of Gloucester. It has been fully restored to the original configuration as built in 1926 and is used for educational purposes.

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