1754An excise tax on rum, wine, and distilled spirits was passed by the government of George II to the dismay of the town.Events & Anniversaries, Government and Public Service, State Events, City Government

Minutes of Town Meeting, July 4, 1754. Town Records, p. 16 https://archive.org/details/townrecords17531800/page/n27/mode/2up?view=theater
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The tax is “highly disagreeable to the Inhabitants of the said Town and very grievous as being inconsistent with the naturall Rights of Mankind and much more with; the Liberties of Englishmen.” (Town Records, 16)

The governor refused to sign the Excise Bill, and the town of Gloucester voted to give thanks to His Excellency for his refusal.

Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800. Vol. 3, 1800, http://archive.org/details/townrecords17531800
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