1770Essex shipbuilders built Chebacco Boats that were used primarily for inshore fishing.Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry

The “Chebacco” was a style of sailing vessel that preceded the schooner. It was primarily used for coastal transport and the inshore fisheries, although a few fished the distant offshore banks. The vessels featured two masts, usually included two wells in the deck from which to fish, weighed 15 tons, were 24 to 48 feet long, and carried cargoes of 12 to 30 tons “burthen.” The style with a pointed or “pinched” stem and stern was called a “pinky.” The square stern versions were called “dogbodies,” for reasons unknown. They were relatively inexpensive to build, which later made them viable replacements for the fishing fleet that was destroyed or left to rot during the embargoes of the Revolutionary War when domestic maritime commerce was drastically curtailed.

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