1771Samuel Plummer was accused of murdering an enslaved woman.People and Communities, Government and Public Service, Crime, African American History

Samuel Plummer, son of Dr. David Plummer, was thought to be responsible for the pregnancy of a black woman who was enslaved by his father. One night the woman, whose name is unknown, failed to return home from retrieving the cows on Poles’ Hill. A search party found her murdered, with a sword belonging to Dr. Plummer stuck in a crevice nearby. Although Samuel Plummer was suspected by many, no legal measures were taken right away; however local feeling against him was high, and he was forced to leave town to avoid future arrest.

Babson, John James, and Samuel Chandler. History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape Anne, Including the Town of Rockport. Procter Brothers, 1860, http://archive.org/details/historytownglou00changoog
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