1688-1689Gloucester rejected taxes imposed by Sir Edmund Andros, Governor of the Dominion of New England.Events & Anniversaries, Government and Public Service, National Events, City Government

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Rust, Randal. Dominion of New England. American History Central, 2023, https://www.americanhistorycentral.com/entries/dominion-of-new-england/

The Dominion of New England was the administrative union of some of the New England and Mid-Atlantic colonies, with the exception of Delaware and Pennsylvania. It was established under King James II in an effort to centralize governance of the colonies, and to regulate trade.

Sir Edmund Andros became governor of the Dominion in 1686, replacing provisional governor Joseph Dudley. Andros’s attempts to enforce taxes to limit local government control were deeply unpopular in Massachusetts towns, including Gloucester. Seven prominent Gloucester citizens were arraigned and fined at Salem for the refusal of the town to pay taxes. In 1689, after King James II was deposed, there was a popular revolt in Boston. Andros and his officers were arrested and the Dominion was dissolved. Though the Dominion lasted only a short time, it marked the beginning of increased English control over the colonies.

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